Why People Think "AI" Can Do Everything?


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In this article, "experts" is defined as the following, and "general" as not experts.

  • "experts" are those who have the knowledge that the term "artificial intelligence (AI)" is used as a collective concept of various technical elements.


Recently, I had a lot of chances to talk with someone outside the company. I often talked to them about fashionable "AI", but in almost all cases the talk did not mesh well. I will illustrate and verify the result of my thinking what the reason is.

Misunderstanding that one "AI" is doing everything

The figure at the beginning shows a summary. From the conclusion, I think that there must be a misunderstanding that one "AI" is doing everything.

Researchers / developers (=experts) deliver many deliverables to the world by using various kinds of techniques like speech recognition, image recognition and natural language processing. People (=general) often know them through media such as TV, newspaper and SNS. In that case, labels "artificial intelligence (AI)" are often affixed to arbitrary deliverables. As a result, it seems that all deliverables are understood to be done by (only one) AI.

Due to such misunderstandings, the excessive discourse "human being VS artificial intelligence (AI)" spreads out


Conscious of this composition, I feel that communication with a lot of people will be smooth. There are various ways ... correct the understanding or give up talking seriously.